Founded in 2004, Wild Natives has rapidly expanded into a conscientious group of like-minded gardeners working to make the world a better place, one garden at a time.


We garden organically, and take seriously the feedback we get from the environment.  If something isn't working, we use our experience and knowledge to seek out new, site specific solutions. We implement Integrated Pest Management (IPM), reduce inputs of foreign soil and fertilizers into your garden while reducing the output of native soil and plants. We practice sustainability, recycling and the re-purposing of on-site material whenever possible.

As our name suggests, our passion is for native plants that will lead to low water and labor gardens, thriving in their natural habitat. We design with an eye for a sense of place in the garden highlighting the elements that make where we live so wonderful, and have a particular fondness for dynamic and organic compositions. Please take a look at our Instagram feed for a better sense of the textures and color aesthetics we embrace.

Obviously the most important factor in the landscaping of your garden is you. While we will always try and steer you to sustainable solutions, our most important desire is to act as a 'native guide', leading from the starting point of your vision towards a garden than can make both you and your plants happy and healthy. Our goal is the long term health and sustainability of your garden.  We work with the aim that your garden thrives more and more on its own over time.



About the owner



Julie, much like her passion, is a California native - born and raised in the Bay Area. After graduating from San Jose State with a degree in Art, she went on to complete her A.A. in Ornamental Horticulture from Foothill College in 2005. Throughout her studies she worked at Yerba Buena Nursery, Middlebrook Gardens and other Bay Area plant-related businesses, where she developed her passion for native plants. With a move to San Francisco in 2005 she started concentrating full-time on designing, installing and maintaining residential and estate gardens and growing organic vegetables in urban and suburban settings. She has since developed a love of floral arrangement and has created designs for a number of clients and a variety of events.


Garden Managers 



Jess has always had a passion for being outside and tending to plants, and she started gardening in the Bay soon after she moved to San Francisco in 2006. She taught gardening at a Montessori preschool, completed the Garden For the Environment’s Garden and Compost Educator Training course, and studied Urban Permaculture in San Francisco. Before joining Wild Natives in 2011, she taught gardening to high school youth in the Botanical Gardens of Golden Gate Park. She loves making compost piles, working with worms, and caring for native plants (especially all the different varieties of bee-loving ceanothus plants). She is passionate about sustainable gardening practices, and she is trained to install greywater and rainwater systems.



Born and raised in the Bay Area, Elise first started gardening with her mom in their small backyard. She completed a B.A. in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 2011 and started a Masters program at San Jose State University in 2013. Working in the SJSU greenhouses Elise has furthered her love of collecting and managing plants, with a soft spot for California natives. In her spare time she loves to collect carnivorous plants, visit botanical gardens, and chase wildflower blooms!



Eric moved to San Francisco from Madison, WI in the fall of 2016, after leaving a job in healthcare IT to become a career gardener. Gardening has been a large part of Eric’s life since 2013, when he took on his first client in Madison as a summer time job while studying music at the University of Wisconsin. Eric loves to work with veggie gardens, especially in terms of growing soil to produce high quality food. Composting is another favorite activity in the garden, and Eric is fascinated by the transformation of garden and kitchen waste into lush, fluffy soil. Outside of the garden, Eric enjoys playing early jazz and classical music on his clarinet, attending orchestra concerts, and tending to his beloved orchid collection.


Fine Gardeners



Outside of working in and studying horticulture, Sue is also a teacher of Ayengar yoga, bringing her knowledge to the garden in the form of ergonomics and self-care principals. She also enjoyed a long career in search engine technology, before getting her start in gardening with the irrigation challenges of the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. Sue is an active member of many horticultural organizations and committees, and is also our plant disease, pathogen and pest expert, enjoying sleuthing for organic remedies online.



Our collection of Bay Area natives is rounded-out with Bob, who also has farmers on both sides of his family. Graduating from Oregon State University, Bob then studied Horticulture and Landscape Design at Foothill College. He has worked at the Redwood City Nursery and also runs his own landscape design business. Bob loves being outside in beautiful gardens after working inside jobs in corporate America. Bob is also an accomplished tenor and musician, performing around the Bay Area.



Rachael, a Bay Area native, has always loved and appreciated being outdoors but really developed an interest in gardening, particularly with California native plants, while interning at Mission Blue Nursery with San Bruno Mountain Watch in 2016. She completed a B.A. in Environmental Studies at San Francisco State University in 2017. Her passion for gardening continued to grow during an internship with Alemany Farms, where she also developed an interest in growing vegetables and citrus trees. In her spare time, Rachael enjoys singing, hiking, and practicing yoga.

Open Positions

Fine Gardener

We are looking for experienced fine gardeners or recent graduates with either an AA degree in Horticulture or relevant experience (Nurseries, landscaping, etc …) to work as subcontractors for our estate and residential gardening business. We anticipate this being a long-term relationship and are looking for people committed to sustainable gardening practices.



-     2+ years gardening field experience or AA in Horticulture

-       Must own your own basic gardening tool kit (pruners, saw, hori hori, broom, rake, dust pan, shovel, bucket, etc.)

-       Knowledge of botanical and/or common names of basic plant materials

-       Must own a reliable vehicle; our job sites are not easily reached by other methods of transportation

-       Must be able to perform garden-related heavy labor tasks for extended periods of time, including the ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

-       Available for at least 20 hours/week

-       This is a subcontractor position.  You are required by law to pay your own taxes and carry your own insurance.


Additional beneficial experience:

-       Experience with vegetable and/or native plants

-       Carpentry or irrigation experience

-       Experience managing subcontractors or gardening crews

-       Working with the public and dealing professionally with diverse personalities

-       Friendly, easy-going disposition

-       A truck to transport materials


Job details:

-       General fine garden maintenance of gardens from Los Altos to San Francisco

-       We garden in a sustainable manner, using native plants and low water landscapes wherever possible. No chemicals or fertilizers, no CO2 producing machinery.

-       Tasks include, but are not limited to: moving mulch and compost, weeding, watering, planting, pruning, plant removal, irrigation installation and retrofitting, clean up, operating a wood chipper, blowing leaves, raking, sweeping, power washing, trimming hedges and vines, double digging, composting, fertilizing, and mowing lawns.

-       You will work alone and with other gardeners, mostly under direct supervision

-       Pay based on experience.


If interested, please apply below. Be sure to include details of your gardening experience. Also of use but not essential would be a resume, references, and photos of your work or student portfolio.


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